In this little trick, the number you choose can't exceed 8 digits
(or it won't be displayed on the screen).

It will be quite easy to find how to guess the number you thought of.


Il va nous rendre impair !

  Think of a number
multiply it by 3.

As soon as you are ready click on  


If your result is an even number,
then divide it by 2,

          and click here       


Otherwise add 1 and divide by 2
               then click here       

La parité nous seyait bien pourtant !



Bonne balade ami Impair !


 Once again multiply your result by 3.



As soon as you are ready click on  


his time divide your result by 9.
Keep the integer quotient.


  Give me your result


    As soon as you are ready click on  

Ah les belles paires de couples!


It's easy, here is the number
you thought of at the beginning

Pair ou impair peu importe ! 




The ballad of even and odd numbers (1)













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(1) Source : Sieur de Mériziac Problèmes plaisants et délectables : deviner le nombre que quelqu'un aura pensé 1874