David 's cards trick...  (1)    
I'm going to show you four cards, and you're going to choose one.
Make sure you remember it !
Then I will add more cards and you will take 4 steps for example : you can only move vertically and/or horizontally.
It can be 3 steps vertically and 1 step horizontally.
There are many possibilities.
Click here to get an example.  
(A horse can be seen on the back of the cards)
    Then I will turn over one of the cards where you're not standing
and finally I will find o
ut where you are !




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(1) These cards come from a game showing fashion plates.
It was published in Paris circa 1850 by the fashion newspaper "Le Caméléon" .
The original can be found at La Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris.


Choose one of the four cards
which have not been
turned over yet.
As soon as you're ready,
click on

Then I will show you
the o
ther cards

I didn't find you where
I just turned one or
a few cards over...




Now take      
steps on the cards which
have not been turned over
(careful ! you can only move
vertically and/or horizontally).

o ahead now !

As soon as you're ready
click on



Hurray !

You arrived on


You could have gone many places though...